WEEKLY FORECAST -13.9.2020  TO 19.9.2020

weekly horoscope
weekly horoscope


The transitory movements of the planets are beneficial to you. You will carry out all your works effectively. Relationships with the neighbors will flourish.  An auspicious function will be celebrated in your family.  You will get income from your ancestral property. Distance away from your enemies so that you can be relieved of from sufferings. Your spouse will host your relatives and earn a good name for the family. Those who are running business and profession should follow the rules and regulations of the Govt. Employees will get the required amount of money for running their family. Women will follow new ways and means for the welfare of the family. Students should take care of their health.



Transits of planets give you favorable benefits. You will get yourself introduced with important persons and VIPs and get a new hope in your mind. You will spend liberally for the family functions. You will enjoy the comforts of house and vehicle, satisfactorily. Your children will suffer due to their carelessness. Your support will show a good path to them. Your health will improve. Your spouse will conduct the affairs of the family, according to your likes and dislikes. You will get new customers for your business and thus the production and sales will increase. Employees will work well and get good income and other benefits. Women will buy new dresses and ornaments. Students will shine in general knowledge and get the appreciations of their friends.


This week, you will safeguard your self-respect by your sweet words. Avoid talking the old stories of your family with the relatives. You will help your brothers and sisters for their requirements of money. Avoid speed in driving. You will give your support of encouragement and good training to your children. Your health will improve, if you avoid unhygienic foods. Your spouse will praise your good qualities. You will invest less finance and more hard work in your business. You will utilize your savings for meeting your essential expenses. Employers should spend less; wisely for the administration .Women will respect the feelings of their husbands. Students should not waste time and then only they can get through in their examinations.


This week, the transits of other planets are not favorable to you. Avoid simply standing in the outside for looking at something and discussing controversial matters with anybody.  These will create problems. You will be a support to your brothers and sisters. Care is required in the safety of house and your vehicle .Medical expenditure will be required for your children. Avoid unnecessary outstation tours. By this you can save money and time. Your spouse will work hard for the welfare of the family. Your business will have average production and sales. You will get a loan for meeting the essential expenditures. Employees in the factories of machineries should observe the safety measures carefully. Women will spend their savings for the family. Students can qualify in the examinations by their hard work.




This week, planets give favorable indications and they give growth in the conducting of your life. Your activities will be bright and you will be happy. Your efforts to buy a house and vehicle will materialize. You will consider the words of your children as Vedic advices. A situation will be created in which your enemies will wonder at your growth and glory and run away from you. You will buy and give the desired products to your spouse. Domestic happiness will increase. You will carry out developmental activities in your business, investing more capital. Worshipping Gods will be carried out as per plans. Employees will get the increase of pay and other benefits. Women will speak highly of their husbands to their relatives. Students will shine and get appreciations from all sides.



You should pay more attention in carrying out the planned works by which, and you will be benefited. Distance away from those who are wasting their time by unnecessary talks. You will fulfill the domestic needs sidelining the luxury needs. Your children will get you good name by their good deeds.  Normal rest will safeguard your health. Your spouse will be healthy and you will be interested in the family affairs. You can get the Govt. support for promoting your business. Employees will perform duties well so as to achieve the target of their job within the timeframe. Women will get the love, affection and liberal money from their husband and will lead a happy life. Students should avoid buying unnecessary goods.



You will get new expenses more than your financial limit. You can be relieved of your sufferings, by your tactful actions, keeping in mind of your limit. Don’t let out your house or give lift in your vehicle to unbelievable persons. You will buy and give the products of your children’s choice. Take care of your health by taking timely food. Avoid misunderstanding with your spouse, by adopting patience. Safeguard carefully the benefits of your business. Employees should follow the rules and regulations of your organization with much care. Women can maintain the integrity of the family, only by maintaining tenacity in the financial handlings. Students should avoid risky games.



This week, you will have favorable to you and you can get more benefits. New persons will be kind towards you by seeing your good qualities and talents. You will get more confidence in the future. You will get normal comforts in your vehicle. You will train up your children to know more about the spiritual matters. You may suffer due to heat related deceases. Your spouse will safeguard the integrity of your family by respecting your views. You will set right the defects arising in your business without delay and thus manage the production and sales to grow normally. Employees will learn more and increase their technical knowledge and thus there will be increase in the growth of the business. Women will take part in the functions of the relatives’ family. Students will increase their intelligence by more practice and get the appreciations of parents and teachers.



This week the transit of planets give more benefits. . So, your thoughts and actions will get rejuvenated. You will carry out the delayed matters with added responsibility and make them more beneficial. You will give monetary help to your relatives liberally. You will buy the artistic goods for decorating the house. Your children will shine in their studies and get immediate job opportunities. Your health will be normal. You will take part in the functions of your relative, along with your spouse. You will carry on developmental activities in your business. You will have increase in your income other benefits. Employees will get increase in the salary and other perks. Women will render good advices to their children for ensuring their bright future. Students will have increased memory power and get very high standard in the examinations.



This week, you have to think the matters twice, before stepping into action and you are capable of doing it.  You will help your friends, by knowing their economic conditions, in all possible ways. You will read and know from the books about new knowledgeable matters. It would be better to behave in such a way that your children should not feel offended. You will have normal health. Avoid talking to your spouse about the old matters. You will raise the standard of your business by your hard work and bring growth in it. Politicians will get higher posts luckily. Women are having the luck of getting promotions and other benefits in their job. Students will have the ideal firmness and study well. Their hard work will fetch good marks.



This week, your mind will be calm. You will get the help of the affectionate persons and complete one important work, by their help. Avoid buying unnecessary goods and thereby avoid unwanted expenditure. Ensure safety measures in your house and vehicle. Others will find it hard to understand the reasons in your views. Take more care in your health. It is better to set right the defects arising in your business without delay. Self-employed women should sell their products for ready-cash and have easy floatation of the money on hand. Students should not develop friendship with new persons.

This week the transits are not favorable. You will have adequate money on hand for the family-expenses. You can safeguard and retain your good name in the society only if you speak carefully, keeping in mind about the situation. Your brothers and sisters will be affectionate towards you. Maintenance of your vehicle will help to utilize it for the extra job-convenience. Your children will get the required help from their friends. You can maintain your health, only if you avoid unhygienic foods. Your spouse will adhere to your views for running the family. You will have average production and average profit in your business. Employees should take care of their health and then only they can develop interest in performing their duties. Women will advice for the welfare of their children in the right sense. Students should keep a distance from those who praise them.


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