Vishwaroopam Review | Viswaroopam Vimarsanam | Kamal Latest Movie Review

Vishwaroopam Review | Viswaroopam Vimarsanam | Kamal Latest Movie Review

vishwaroopam review viswaroopam vimarsanam

vishwaroopam review viswaroopam vimarsanam

Vishwaroopam Movie Review is here . Amidst heavy speculations and controversy , Vishwaroopam movie finally released in AndhraPradesh, The teleugu version was screened just for one show and was banned afterwards by AP State Government. However, that one show was more than enough for us to review the movie .

Has Kamal delivered as a director in Vishwaroopam ?

Does the film really have igniting content to hurt religios sentiments of muslims ?

Is Vishwaroopam worth the Rs.1000 for a DTH watching ? Read on…………

Viswaroopam Review :

What Is Good: Cinematography, Kamal’s performance, Rahul Bose acting, Rich production values.
What Is Bad: Direction, Music(BGS), Screenplay, Story
Boring Scenes:Lot of scenes in the first-half, Pre-climax portion
Watch It Or Not ?: It’s a complete multiplex film with rich production values, watch it if you are fan of Kamal Hassan

Viswaroopam Review : Story


Viswanath(Kamal) is dance instructor in NewYork city and he is married to Nirupama(Pooja Kumar), she is nuclear oncologist by proffession. Their marriage doesn’t run fruitfull, so she hires a private detective to spy on Kamal, to find out any flaws about him which might help her to get divorse. This private detective finds out that Kamal is muslim, which shocks Nirupama. Is Kamal muslim or hindu? what happens to the marriage of Kamal there after? has to be seen on silverscreen.

Viswaroopam Review : Star Performances


Kamal has done multishade character in this flick with ease and simplicity. Different getups used on him for characters looked apt . His classical dance steps with natural expressions and action sequence performed by him are gud.   Rahul Bose performance is excellent as Afghan muslim leader “Omar”. He is definitely plus to the movie, his settled expressions at key scenes, leaves his mark on audience mind. Both Pooja Kumar and Andreia has nothing much space given in film, they are used to fill female casting. Dubbing given for pooja sounds very irritating on screen. Nassar and Shekhar Kapur roles are so short and they are not utilised to fullest.

Viswaroopam Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects


Kamal’s plan to run the film completely on his shoulders handling  direction, story, screenplay has back fired in executing the output. Sanu Varghese cinematography is fantastic and the only good thing in technical aspect. Big kudos to him for picturizing locations of Afghanistan beautifully and even the action scenes raises bar of film to Hollywood standards. Shankar Ehsaan Loy BGS is unimpressive and turns as big let-down at crucial scenes. There are two songs which also sounded average on screen. Editing by Mahesh Narayanan could be trimmed to little extent, especially in second-half

Viswaroopam Review : Analysis

Kamal Hassan has shown his Viswaroopam in acting with multi-shade character in this flick. Kamal bought smiles with feminine mannerisms as a Bharatnatyam guru, showed serious side as Wasim Ahmad Kashmiri who train Al-Qaeda men in Afghanistan. A small glimpse of Laden, American soldier attacks on Afghanistan and livelihood of Afghans are presented naturally. First half of the film looks confusing with scenes thrown without any connections from one to another. Screenplay is not crispy and never gives you a feel of spy thriller at any minute. Main characters introductions are given very simply in the movie. Few impressive things in the first half are the comic acts which Vishwanth character does, film introduction scene with pigeons and showing beautiful New York city.  Second half is where clarity about what actually Kamal’s character is revealed to audience. The flashback scenes connecting with the present to reveal Kamal as Raw Agent of India is nice. Screenplay in the second half is racy compared to first half. The whole radio active bomb theme, new techniques and technology used by terrorist has been showcased, but not in a convincing way. Arabic and English is spoken in major portion of the film which kills the feel of normal people to get connected with key scenes. With no entertainment , couple of songs and including the theme of global terrorism do not sink with B, C, centre audiences.  One major thing should be appreciated about this flick, it has broken the theme of taking support of songs, to move story forward. Rich production values can be sensed at every frame in the film and art director ‘Nancy Terryn’ work of creating Afghanistan in Chennai is amazing.

Viswaroopam Review : Conclusion

Plus :

    • Cinematography


    • Kamal Hassan Performance


    • Rahul Bose acting


  • Rich production values

Minus :

    • Direction


    • Music(BGS)


    • Screenplay


  • Story

Bottom – Line : Kamal Hassan’s guts for choosing a subject on terrorism is appreciable. But he lacked in executing the film in entertaining pattern, which makes it accepted in certain section of audiences.

Viswaroopam: Cast & Crew

  • Director: Kamal Haasan , Producer: Chandra Haasan
  • Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy , Cinematography: Sanu Varghese , Editing : Mahesh Narayanan , Writer: Kamal Haasan and Atul Tiwari
  • Star Cast: Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Rahul Bose, Jaideep Ahlawat,Samrat Chakrabarti, Zarina Wahab, Nassar, Shekhar Kapur, Miles Anderson and James Babson
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller, Censor Rating: U, Duration: 02:30Hrs.
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  • Is Family Friendly: true

Answers to our questions :


Final Verdict :

  • Has Kamal delivered as a director in Vishwaroopam ? No… But as an actor he has done a decent job !Does the film really have igniting content to hurt religios sentiments of muslims ? Not to this viewer… I feel all this hulla golla is needless.

    Is Vishwaroopam worth the Rs.1000 for a DTH watching ? No… Not my cup of tea!



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