Vijaykanth Jayalalitha clash in Sattasabai Tamilnadu assembly

Vijaykanth Jayalalitha clash in TN Assembly

Vijaykanth , the opposition leader and Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu clashed heavily during yeasterday tamilnadu assembly proceedings. Jayalalitha challenged Vijaykanth if he dares his party to contest alone in Shankarankoil bye elections. Vijaykanth rotorted that ” how many bye elections did ADMK party win during the DMK regime ?” He went on to add that the ruling party always has better chances of winning a bye election. However, Jayalalitha took hard to this allegation and challenged Vijaykanth that he has already conceded defeat.

Vijaykanth Jayalalitha assembly clash

Vijaykanth Jayalalitha assembly clash

When Vijaykanth responded, ADMK ministers repeatedly interrupted and an annoyed Vijaykanth was interrupted by Speaker. Vijankanth lost his cool and stretched his arms and sprouted his tongue at ADMK members in an aggressive manner. ADMK members shouted back

“Sit down, This is not your cinema!”

Then DMDK members were evicted by the Speaker.

Jayalalitha angrily said that when low level people get high posts, they act in such vulgar manner. She said she was never for the ADMK DMDK alliance and only for her partymen she went for this.

Vijaykanth Jayalalitha assembly fight

Vijaykanth Jayalalitha assembly fight

She also said she was ashamed to have had an alliance with Vijaykanth and DMDK would not have even won a single seat if ADMK had not had an alliance with them.








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