Trisha bathroom video original mms again – this is trisha – confirmed !

Trisha bathroom video original  mms again -

this is trisha – confirmed !  -

trisha massage video

trisha massage video

Trisha bathroom video mms again – but this is original – confirmed !

Long back, an mms named trisha mms scandal created a flutter. It was reported that the actress in the secretly shot mms video was trisha . But trisha and trisha’s mother denied the accusation. Now yet another trisha bathroom video is in circulation. And worse, this time there’s no doubt it is trisha herself.

See the following videos yourself ! One is a video where trisha is given kerala ayurvedic massage. The other video is where trisha is bathed after ayurvedic massage.

What is the truth behind these videos ?

Trisha or her mother do not deny these videos as these videos were done by trisha during her early modelling daya when she was appearing in ads. Anyway, she had no clue then that she would become such a star and this video would be circulated as an mms later on …

Trisha Massage Video

Trisha Bathroom Video




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