Tamil Puthandu Palangal | Puthu varuda rasi palan | Aandu palan

Tamil Puthandu Palangal | Puthu varuda rasi palan | Aandu palan

rasi palan puthandu palangal aandu pala

rasi palan puthandu palangal aandu pala



The holy ‘Vijaya Varusham’ starts on 14th of April 2013. It dawns exactly at 11.52 pm in the night of 13th April 2013. This New Year starts at Dhanusu Lagnam and in the Rishapa Rasi, Sun Horai, and in the Sun Dhisa- Mars Bukthi and in the Mercury Anthra.

Predictions have been given for all the Rasis.  In this Tamil New Year, the transit of Jupiter plays a major role because the transit starts from 27th of May i.e. shortly after the dawn of the Tamil New Year. The transits of other planets like Saturn, Ragu and Ketu have also been taken into account.  So, based on the transits of all the planets, with the main importance to the transit of Jupiter, predictions for the Tamil New Year are given. According to that, the natives of the Rasis Rishabam, Simmam, Thulam, Dhanusu and Kumbam are going to be benefited. Others need not worry. They are advised to do the parihara poojas. It is also stated that the predictions given here apply generally to all those who belong to a particular Rasi. But the horoscope conditions differ from person to person. If your Dhisa –Bukthi is favorable and also if the planetary positions are strong in your Birth-Chart, the unfavorable predictions given here will be reduced to a great extent. So, you are advised to examine your horoscope. Don’t forget to perform the Parihara poojas and also visit the famous temples of the planet which is weak and its transit is unfavorable. Names of some of the temples are given below:


  1. Alangudi, which is near Valankimanin Tanjore Dt.
  2. Kuruviththurai nearSozavandhan in Madurai Dt.
  3. Puliyarai near Senkottai in Nelali Dt.
  4. Subramanyaswamy Templein Thiruchchendur of TuticorinDt.
  5. Pattamangalam in Sivagangai
  6. Thittai near Kumbakonam in Tanjore Dt.


  1. Thirunallaru  near Thiruvarur in Nagappattinam Dt
  2. Kuchanur in Theni Dt.
  3. Erikkuppam in Salem Dt.

Also visit other RAGU STHALA in Thirunageswaram near Kumbakonam and KETU STHALA in Kizpperumpallam near Mayiladuthurai in Tanjore Dt.

Perform the parihara poojas as prescribed in the said temples and worship the respective Lords. All your miseries will go. You will grow in all expected easy in life.

Wish you all a very happy New Year!



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