saturn transit – Sani Peyarchi – Sani Vakram – Sani Vakra Palan

Saturn Transit Sani Vakra Peyarchi Palan

 8.2.2012 to 24.6.2012

sani peyarchi sani vakra palan saturn transit

sani peyarchi sani vakra palan saturn transit


Saturn Retrograde is happening under the saturn transit ( sani peyarchi with sani vakra sancharam )  for more than 4 months from 8.2.2012 to 24.6.2012.  It is generally said that retrograding planets give unfavorable effects. But it is also pointed out here that malefic planets, when they retrograde during their transit in the beneficiary houses, give good benefits abundantly. Now we will see the forecast for all the Rasis.The Vedic Remedies should strictly be observed so that the evil effects will be reduced to a great extent.

A). Visit the temples of Lord Saturn which are in Thirunallar, Theni, Erikuppam, Koliyanur (Villupuram), etc..

B). Visit the temple of Lord Saneeswaran on Saturdays and worship Him.

C) Light the Til-Oil lamps.

D) Feed the crows with cooked rice.

E) Recite ‘Hanuman Chaleesa’ daily.

F). Donate black things.

G). help the aged and the handicapped persons. Also visit Old Age Homes and donate liberally.



This is a period of abundant caution. A sort of dullness comes in your activities and in your mind. There will be oscillation in all your thinking and activities.  Your expenses will overcome your income. You will enter into arguments with your relatives. These arguments will often become quarrels. You have to incur medical expenditure for your parents. Misunderstandings prevail in the family.


As already said, the malefic planet Saturn retrogrades in a beneficiary house i.e. 6th house, this is a good period. Your brothers and sisters will be helpful. Your businesses will flourish and there will be increase in your income.  The problems prevailing in the partnership business will go away. Those who are in the acting, music and art fields will get more income. You will buy gold jewels. Some will buy a vehicle. Your efforts to purchase a house will materialize. You will win the appreciation of your higher authorities in the work-place. You will get extra power and self confidence in your mind and body.  Your efforts will bring best results.


Your income will grow. But your expenses will also double. Your attempt to control your expenditure will fail. Favorable situation prevails everywhere. But you cannot do anything in the satisfactory way. Your actions, instead of bringing good result will give negative effect. Your efforts to meet an important person will not materialize. Even if you meet, after 4or 5 visits you cannot get the expected help. Your business will flourish but you cannot get profit.  Whatever may be the hard work you do, you cannot win the confidence of your boss. Artists will get enormous income but all will go away in the way of unwanted expenditures.


You will struggle much, as the duties and responsibilities will be overloaded. All the ways giving income will be almost closed and the earning process will be problematic. Your energy level and stamina will come down. You cannot do any work and all the works will be delayed. The retrograde Saturn transits in the star Chiththirai in Virgo (kanni) from 18.5.2012 onwards. This will give you some relief. Particularly, you can face an increasing trend in the financial matters. You need not go in search of money. But money will come to you. You can manage the expenses very easily. Incomplete works will be completed. You can get help from the unexpected quarters. Your trips will fetch good results. Your health will also be good.


This is a favorable period for you. You will get help from the expected corners. Some will come to your help and seek your friendship. Money which you cannot get before ,will now come to you very easily. You will redeem your loans. You will buy costly items and the domestic goods. The situation prevailing outside will be favorable to you. You can complete even the difficult tasks very easily. You can get the remuneration for your work more than what is expected by you. Your work will be recognized by your higher authorities. This is the apt time for enlarging your business. Students will shine both in studies and in the sports.


All kinds of necessary and unnecessary expenditures will come. Your travels will not give good results. You will have to wander aimlessly. You may be transferred from the present place. Though your financial position seems to be good, you cannot manage the unexpected expenditures. All your efforts to fulfill an assignment will end in failure.  You will take more number of days to complete even a small work which can be completed in 2 days. You will enter into quarrels with others very often. You may go even to police station.  You will face some obstacles in your profession and business. Those who are working in the offices should be careful and guard against any kind of error. Misunderstandings will arise between the couple in the family. Relatives will cause expenses.


Though you are having adequate income, your expenditures will trouble you. You cannot think wisely and take suitable decisions as your mind will always be in a confused state. Things will happen against your wishes.  Your plan will give you some loss. Your business will be dull but will give you some profit. Those who work in the offices will invite the anger of their higher authorities. You may have to agitate for the increase of pay. You have to adjust with all your relatives in the family. You will get some problems from your brothers and sisters. Your wrong decisions will be taken by as good.


You may have a lot of expenditures but you will meet all the expenditures on any account. You can buy all the required items. During this period, you should have tongue control. During arguments with others, avoid using objectionable words. Try to avoid quarrels, strictly. . As there are unfavorable conditions in the outside, postpone major plans now and carry on minor works now. During this period, you cannot get help from others.  Problems will occur in your business and trouble you.  Partnership business will give many worries.

Visit of relatives to your house will create unrest. Your efforts to minimize the expenditures will end in failures. Those who are working in the offices should guard against errors.


Your importance will be realized by all. Those who are in search of job will get it. Some can start new business .your status will rise up. Important persons and those who are in high positions will come and meet you. Your financial position will be good. Money will come to you from all sources. Chances will arise for increasing your income. You will set right all problems in your transactions. You can also think of investing more in your businesses. The workload will come down in the offices. The artists will get new chances. There will be happiness in your family. Marriage-proposals will materialize.


You will suffer due to insufficient finance. Ways for the money coming to you will be closed. There will be hindrances in all the walks of your life. Your hurry and anger will spoil all the matters. Loss of memory, hesitating, loss of faith and anger will be your qualities. Your health will not also be good. One or the other disease will trouble you, now. You cannot expect profit in your business. You should be convinced with a little profit and also be satisfied with the fact that there is no loss. Employed persons will be overloaded with office works. Financial shortage will affect your family.


There will be obstacles in all your ways. Your health will also trouble you. Your financial position will not be sound. Anyhow you will manage the show. You cannot repay your loans and you will get new loan for repaying the old loans. Problems will arise in your business. But profit will come in a little quantity. Employees have to work hard to survive. Your children’s educational expenditure will increase. Good relationship prevails between the couple.


Don’t give room for arguments. Quarrels will come to you. You will have blood-injuries, by falling down from vehicles or by slipping. Your financial position will not be good. The money given by you to others will not come back to you. You cannot repay your loans and thereby face problems of loss of respect. You cannot do any work easily. Best effort will be required. Those who were with you till yesterday will speak ill of you, after leaving you. You will have overwork in the offices. You will have to agitate for pay-hike. You will have problem in your family by wife or mother. Relatives also will come and create confusion.

For the rasi , where the saturn transit sani vakram is not that good, those people may please visit Erikuppam saneerwara temple or Theni kuchanoor saniswara temple and pray well and be blessed with a happy and prosperous life.



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