Pepsi Uma, who is working as the Presenter in Jaya T.V., gave a complaint to the police against the Programme -Producer SaravanaRajan who is alleged to harass Pepsi Uma. As the programme ‘Album’ is not liked by the heads of the channel. , it has been ordered to stop this programme. But SaravanaRajan did not respond. Rabi Bernard is reported to have dismantled the ‘Astrology’ programmes. So SaravanaRajan thought that the ‘Album ‘programme also was disturbed by him. SarananaRajan is also reported to have raised this issue with Rabi. So, Rabi has complained against Saravana Rajan to the head of the Channel. Thus SaravanRajan is reported to be under mental torture.
At this stage, when Uma wanted to discuss with him about the next programme, SaravanaRajan got annoyed and reported to have called Uma to his chamber and scolded her. SaravanaRajan is also reported to have scolded her through SMS. This has become evidence. So, Uma complained against SaravanaRajan to the ‘All Women Police Station’ It is told that the family members of SaravanaRajan came and requested Uma to withdraw the complaint, but Uma has refused it.
It is also known that the anger of the Head of the channel has also fallen on SaravanaRajan, because he has shown the programme in which the CM participated in Delhi ‘Out of Focus, and also missed to give coverage to the CM’s programme of the ‘Donation of Cows’ in Trichy.
All these put together have brought SaravanRajan, the ex. Students –wing Secretary of the big party to this situation.





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