COW AND CALFCOW CONTACTS WITH ITS CALF, BY ITS VOICE: yes; it is a fact.  There is meaning for the movement of the tail.  Likewise, there is meaning for the voice of the cow. Those who are attending the cows will understand the needs of the cows, by its voice.  This is possible by experience. In 2014,  Rani Mary University and the Northington university of London have researched and found out in their 10 months’ research that  there are various meanings for the cow’s voice.

  • ENERGY OF THE BODY WILL BE REDUCED IN    THE EVENINGS: this depends upon the functioning of the biological clock (Circadian Rhythm). This is controlled by the Suprasmatic Nucleus (SCN) portion. Due to this reason, after your lunch, you feel sleepy.  This is due to the secretion of the ‘Melatonin’ which is the root cause for ‘sleep’. Based on the nature of   ‘Circadian Rhythm’, food relating to more ‘flour nutrient’ and the sleeplessness at nights weaken the energy of the body in the evenings. It is necessary to sleep at night for 6 hours al least. If there is adequate sleep, your body will not get tired, in the evenings.




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