• What are the diseases spread in rainy season?

Viral fever, dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, jaundice and some other diseases spread in rainy season.

  • Why more diseases spread in rainy season?

The germs which were in the normal condition are strengthened at the time of change of climate and are ready for attacking the human beings. When we drench in the rain, convenient atmosphere is created for the germs for spreading of the diseases. At that time weak people are easily affected.

  • Why do Virus diseases spread?

One of the important diseases of fever spread during the rainy season is ‘Flu’. This is caused by more than one germ. When the patient sneezes, coughs and spills the rheum from the nose, this germ exit with the rheum and affect others also. Severe fever, head ache, body pain, pain in the hands and in the legs, is the symptoms of this.

  • How do dysentery and cholera come in the rainy season?

As the ‘Rota’ Virus germs spread through polluted  drinking water, unhygienic food, we are affected by Dysentery. Likewise, Cholera comes through bacteria. Ants and Flies spread these germs.

  • Reasons for cholera, in the rainy season:

When germs like Ameba, Sikella and Giardia affect us, we are affected by Cholera.  Cacation in the open spaces, in the streets and on the banks of ponds cause the eggs of the germs in the corpros and the sewage water in the rainy season mix in the drinking water and it causes infection for Cholera.

  • What are the reasons for Jaundice?

By the attack of the ‘Hepatitis-Virus’, through drinking water and food-poisoning, Jaundice comes. Fever and lack of appetite are the initial symptoms. Stomach-ache, vomiting, urine in yellow color and the eyes in yellow color are other symptoms.

  • Will Typhoid attack in the rainy season?

This comes by the bacteria ‘Salmonella dy-bi’ these germs also spread by polluted drinking water and unhygienic food. Initially this disease starts as fever, head ache and body pain and the temperature of the fever increases day by day.

  • When water is stagnated around the houses and in the streets, in the rainy season, the urine of rats, bandicoots and shrews mix in the water. If there are germs called ‘Leptospira’ in the wastes, Rat-fever may affect.
  • What are the diseases come from mosquitoes?

The domination of mosquitos’ increases due to stagnation of water in the streets and Malaria, Dengue and chicken Quinoa affect us. If fever comes intermittently, it may be Malaria.

  • What should be done to avoid spreading of these diseases?

Stagnation of water or sewage water should be avoided. Care should be taken to prevent mixing of the sewage water in the channels of drinking water. Drinking water should be boiled and consumed. Wash your hands before cooking. Avoid taking the uncooked food like salads, fruit juices and curd –salads in the outside places. Because,  there is a danger of ordinary water being mixed in them, without being boiled and this may cause infection.












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