The living being of land and water bodies is Crab, which are found in natural water- bodies, marshes, croplands and seashores in all parts of the world. The crabs from small ones to bigger ones which use to run here and there busily are seen in fresh water levels also. There are a variety of crabs like pea- crabs which measure only about some millimeters and the very big Japanese spider crabs.

The crabs have two joint eyes, flat shell on the spinal and 5 pairs of legs. Both the legs of the front side are helpful to catch hold of the prey. The remaining 4 pairs of legs are helpful to move speedily in the sideways. These crabs breathe through the scales. The shell over the spinal is removed and is renewed once in a year. The stomach area of the female crabs is broader than the male crabs.  Its body structure is suitable for laying eggs beneath the stomach. This is a popular food variety of  sea-food all over the world , because of  various kinds of nutrients contained in it.




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