new year celebrations

How New Year is celebrated in other countries of the world.!

HUNGERI:- in hanger, all the people of this town stand in a place and burn the effigy. They believe that they destroy the evil spirit which came into the city during the last year.

ROME:- Romans believe that it is a good omen, if they see a black tall man immediately after the birth of the new year.

AUSTRIA:- In Austria, Dinner  dominantly plays an important role in the celebrations. They roast a young pig and spread flour, palm jiggery cookies and chocolate on it and eat it.

NORTH AFRICA:- In North Africa, they grow fire , worship and then climb  over it and pass on. By doing like this, they believe that their sins and mistakes are fired out, while climbing over the fire.

GERMANY:- Germany is one of the  strong countries, which participate in the World War. They put a small ice cube and allow it to melt. After melting, if it comes to a shape of the heart or a ring, they expect wedlock during that year. If it                            comes to the shape of a ship, it means travel and if it comes to the shape of a Pig, there will not be any shortage for food-materials during that year.

JAPAN:- They hang ropes  made out of Straw in front of the houses  and they believe that evils will go and fortune will enter.

ENGLAND:- Soon after dawning, on the Ist January, they take bread pieces and coal- blocs  in their hands and visit the houses of their friends. By doing like this, they believe that there will not be shortage for food in both the houses, throughout the year.

FRANCE:- In France, New Year Celebrations take place in the name of ‘Ano Nove’. All the people assemble in Park at ‘Reo De Genera and celebrate with fire crackers.  Further they have a strange habit. They wear while colored dresses during the night of December 31st in the belief those only good things come throughout the year, after driving out the evils.

COLOMBIA;- In Colombia, they celebrate New Year in the name of ‘ Agueros’. This word is derived from the Latin language.  They follow the habit of eating 12 grapes on the last day of the year. They are expected to complete eating all the grapes before 12 in the midnight. They believe that the year will be happy and prosper.

RUSSIA:-  Russians celebrate the New Year in the preceding years, during Janauary 14th , according to the ‘Julian ‘Calender. but now they adhere to the ‘Girigorian’ Calender and celebrate it on January 1st. They call the tree as ‘New Year Tree’ instead of’ Christmas Tree’.  They keep this Tree in their house and preserve till the ending of Christmas on 7th January they worship the Red Platform, welcome the New Year, cook their hereditary foods , eat and enjoy. The New-year.

NEWZEALAND:- According to the Geographical status, the people of Newzealand welcomes the New Year, at first. all the sports activities like Cricket, Horse-Riding are conducted , here.




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