Aandu palan | Tamil New year Predictions | Makara Rasi

Aandu palan | Tamil New year Predictions | Makara Rasi




 Uththiratam (2, 3&4); Thiruvonam; Avittam (1&2):

                   This year you may not expect a favorable period.  Jupiter transits in the 6th house of your Rasi on 27th of May, this year. As this is not a favorable transit you may have some problems affecting your mental courage.

                                    You should avoid unnecessary arguments with anybody to avoid quarrels and the troubles thereby.  Your mind will be in a confused state. You may take wrong decisions. If you intrude in the matters of others it will give you trouble. You may also get troubles from your enemies and your competitors. You may have health problems in your gallbladder, liver and eyes. So, if you have the habit of ‘drinking’ and ‘drugs’ you should give up al least for this year. The health of your spouse may also give you some troubles. You should not give room for misunderstandings with your friends. Otherwise your friends will become enemies.

                                                   Your business will be dull.  Your financial transactions may not be good. Those who got loan from you will not repay the dues. But those who lent you money will chase you for repayment. During this period don’t give promises to anybody in the matters of money. You may not keep up the promises. You may not be in a position to fulfill the needs of your family members. Because of this, differences of opinions will come. You may have to put extra efforts to get success in your matters. You may not be in a position to help your friends and relatives who approach you for your help. So, they may mistake you and leave you.

            For fulfilling the needs of the family you may resort to getting money from the available sources.  Some may have the troubles of loans. You may not get adequate income for repaying the loans. Your mind will always be worrying about this. Though your children may be in a good position, you may have to suffer to manage the expenditures relating to them. Some of you may find it very difficult to manage the expenditures of the function like marriage. If you give money to anybody in advance for the job opportunity for you or for your son/daughter the matter will not get success besides you may not get back the money.

                                  Those who work as ‘salaried class’ may be affected due to reduction in the salary because of their misconduct.  Employed persons will have overwork in the offices. Your boss will not be happy about you. Some of you may be transferred to far-off places. Your colleagues will give you troubles indirectly. You can get money for your needs out of many efforts. You will face waste expenditures for your house and vehicle. Your social status may diminish. You may not get the help of your friends.

      Your father’s health may worry you. You may get troubles from the politicians and Govt. officers. There may be some hindrances and delays in the well-beings of your children. You may also forget the worship of your family-goddess. Some problems arise in your ancestral properties. Your intelligence will not help now. If you perform the worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy, you may not worry. Your troubles will be reduced to a greater extent.

                       You should be very careful, while driving to avoid accidents. Your enemies will oppose you, now with their full strength. This is not the apt time for you oppose them. You should handle the issues tactfully now or postpone the matter.

               The transits of Saturn, Ragu and Ketu are not favorable. The same unfavorable effects may come to you. But, the transit of Saturn is favorable to you. This will help you to a greater extent, this year.

                     You need not worry for the unfavorable predictions given here. But, horoscope conditions differ from person to person. If your Dhisa-Bukthi is favorable and also if the planetary conditions in your horoscope are strongly positioned , these unfavorable predictions will be reduced  to a great extent. So, you are advised to examine your horoscope.

                 Remedial Measures:

Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursday’s .This will solve your problems to a greater extent.  Worship the Goddess Durga and donate black gram.  Worship Lord Vinayaka and clean His temple. All your worries will run away. Worship Lord Saneeswaran on Saturdays and light the Til-Oil lamps. All your worries will go away.

                             Wish you a happy New Year!



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